Halleast takes Apple Watch from band to necklace

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Halleast takes Apple Watch from band to necklace

Usually you can only wear the apple watch with your wrister, Halleast has taken this idea to new levels with its elegant lockets and pocket watches for Apple Watch. We’re excited to see apple Watch buyers think of Halleast’s latest creative way to wear Apple Watch — by charm colorful necklace. Ladies and gentman, take notice!

Sometimes fashion meets functionality — in wearing these well-made apple watch necklaces, You can still see the Apple Watch clearly, incorporating itself into the necklace itself. It’s a unique and aesthetically appealing way to showcase and use your wearable.  And, if your love some girl, Halleast’s Colorful Necklaces make the perfect, original gift for your favorite girl. Check them out.

All of these colorful apple watch necklace are designed by Hallest and stamped with Halleast logo.

Halleast Apple Watch necklace Won’t interfere with Apple Watch bluetooth. Halleast accessories do not impact the apple watch bluetooth signal, the notifications still function when Apple Watch is worn off the wrist. the haptic criticism isn't as recognizable when Apple Watch is worn around your neck or in your pocket. The activity tracking still works when Apple Watch is off the wrist. 

All of Halleast’s colorful necklaces fit both 42 mm and 38 mm Apple Watch, and are available for apple watch Series 1, 2, 3.

Click to buy Halleast Apple Watch Necklace.

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